Felt and 3D

A selection of work using felt and other techniques, creating 3D art.



Razzle Dazzle


A felted and stitched piece to commemorate World War I.


Design based on 'Dazzle Camouflage', a method of painting random and geometric patterns on ships to disguise their size, shape and outline in an effort to confuse enemy targetting systems.


Framed without glass, available to buy.



Felted background with stalactites applied to the surface.


Private collection.

Oval Vessel


Coil vessel

Constructed from cords made on a sewing machine and free-machine embroidered with hand-applied beads.

A Selection of Vessels and Motifs


3D Items.

Coil vessels, silk fibre bowls, geometric shapes, felt pod and cord motifs.



Coil Vessel with Hemetite chips.



How Does Your Garden Grow?


A coiled vessel with and made flower decoration.

Private collection.

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